our services

ACSSL has designed a program to improve the professional opportunities of foreign-trained immigrants in the United States. Our re-validation degree package includes a complete guide where you can find almost everything needed by an immigrant to be a winner in the United States

  1. Processing for translation, and accreditation of your degree in the United States.

  2. Professional and academic counseling for the improvement of the English language.

  3. Courses oriented to obtain certifications and licenses.

  4. Processing of the forms required by the State to obtain professional licenses (local and national) in the shortest possible time.

  5. Professional adaptation workshops (job interviews, training in job search, Labor Law, Networking, etc.)

  6. Market research of the professional degree (Market indicators of salaries and work positions).

  7. Internships or volunteer work in fields related to the profession. Several companies in the United States support our work. Every day more companies join the mission of American Consulting and Social Service League.        

  8. Resume based on the current quality rules in the United States. 

  9. Certified translations and notarizations. certified translators by ATA with experience working with universities, non-profit organizations and private and government entities. 

  10. Degree validation and acculturation program, usually initiated before to arrive to the country, which includes a complete support guide to obtain driver license, find housing, schools, transportation, and even employment in some cases, saving time, money, and frustrations, as well as the psychological preparation to help the immigrants facing their adventure from a control and safety point of view.