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  Our Customers

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The Myths and Realities of

Validation of Degrees

Almost 90% of the professional degrees abroad are “Valid in the United States”. Your main documents are your diploma and transcripts of the University without apostille or notarization. The legalization and equivalence of your degrees is a procedure that almost never requires a steady immigration status. A few degrees require to study again at the university (except for Dentistry, Law and in some cases Psychology). Thousand of professional immigrants live without practicing their professions in the United States due to lack of information, working on low pay jobs and living a life that does not belong to them, wasting their abilities and education in jobs not related with their professional degree.  American Consulting and Social Services League (ACSSL) has developed a program of fast adaptation for the immigrant professionally educated abroad. This program will help you to restore your profession and your standard of living in the shortest possible time, legalizing your degrees and making you part of the American professional world with internships in companies, allowing you to obtain work experience and professional references.  We have the experience and the ability to answer questions in the areas of studies, accreditation of your professional and technical degree, and the work, civil, social and legal life in the United States. This type of information will save you years of difficulties in your life as immigrant. If you live outside the United States and you want to get in contact with us, we will help you to ease your adaptation process to this country before you travel, and that way, you will save money and efforts learning how to live in this country.

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  Our Customers

We can be contacted online, by phone and in person, giving the opportunity to all those professionals located outside Florida or the United States to get informed with us.



We are a company devoted to promote the growth of immigrants arriving to the United States seeking to improve their quality of life. Our purpose is to help our clients reclaim their professional careers here in the U.S. and that way, to contribute positively to this country that receives so many immigrants daily.