Marcela Gomez with more than 20 years of experience in the Social Work and Counseling field, Marcela Gomez-Bogomolni has helped many immigrants in achieving the American dream. Through counseling, information, and motivation.

how we do it? 

who are we? 

Almost 90% of all foreigner degrees are “Valid in the United States”.

Your main documents are your diploma and transcripts of the University. There is no need for apostles or notarization.

The legalization and equivalence of your degrees is a procedure that almost never requires a legal immigration status.

A few degrees do require validation and are made through the process of retaking some classes, with a few exceptions such as Dentistry, Law, Psychology, Occupational and Speech therapy.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of information, a large number of professional immigrants choose to work on minimum wage salaries for their need to survive daily life.

Fortunately, American Consulting and Social Services League (ACSSL) was created to empower the immigrant through information and knowledge. We have developed an effective adjusting program to fit individually each applicant’s needs.  Through many years of experience, we can make the absorption process smoother and faster.