Social worker and Journalist with a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work, Marcela Gómez has devoted 18 years of her life to help the immigrant community in the United States validating and re-certifying their foreign degrees, and 10 years among the media covering topics concerning the community such as education, immigration and politics, among others.

​Gómez has worked in governmental and non-profit organizations such as Miami Dade County, Youth Co Up, Jobs for Miami, Institute for Child and Family Health, and Memorial Hospital as case manager and mental health therapist helping immigrants and patients to become self sufficient. Gómez has worked as journalist and consultant in the local Hispanic and national radio as well as television stations such RCN Radio Klaridad, Radio Unica, WQBA, Univision, Telemundo, América TV, Alma Vision, among other. Gómez has worked by serving the professional immigrants from all over the world who has found refuge in this country.

Through personal growth and after a journey full of research, study and service, Marcela Gómez created American Consulting and Social Service League LLC (ACSSL), which is the summary of her own personal story and the one of hundreds of families and people that she had touched through her service and outstanding work. Among her achievements are the credential evaluations of hundreds of college degrees in the United States of immigrants at the national level in areas such as Nutrition, Medicine, Low, Accounting, Administration, Engineering, Social Work, Dentistry, Teachers, and others.

Gómez has been recognized by the Director of Children and Families (Refugee Department) for her remarkable work with the refugee on the World Refugee Day. She received a certificate of appreciation by the Broward County (Florida) to participate and support the financial growth in the region as a translator and member of the organizing committee of the international import and export fair in 2015 organized by the Broward County itself.
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To support and facilitate your growth as immigrant in the shortest possible time, so you can raise you standard of living and that way you can contribute with your professional knowledge to our American society.


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Who are We?

The American Counsulting and Social Service League (ACSSL) has professionals in the fields of social work, counseling, academic, case management with American governmental offices, search employment techniques, professional ethics and labor Law. We have more than 14 years of experience advising and motivating inmigrants from all over the world. We have two offices in South Florida and we currently serve professionals in all areas in the process of acculturation and degrees validation in the United States.
We also serve at national level and even before to get to the United States.

To make you an integral part in the development and quality of life in the immigrant community of the United States. We guide you and teach you, with integrity and professionalism, how to achieve your goals and to effectively perform in areas such as education, employment, civil life and other opportunities provided by our country. 

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Somos una organiziación dedicada a elevar el nivel de vida del inmigrante a través de su educación y de la apertura de su conciencia  para que contribuya en esta sociedad dando lo mejor de sí como profesional y cómo ser humano.